Adam Turk for Kansas House

Where Adam Turk Stands on the Issues

Fight Inflation by Supporting Families and Businesses
I know first-hand the challenges businesses have faced the last two years. The answer is not more deficit spending that grows government and bankrupts our future. Instead, we need economic and tax policies that uplift our families and businesses and promote economic prosperity.

Stand Strong for Our Constitutional Freedoms
The first responsibility of government is to preserve our constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, the right to worship, and the 2nd Amendment. We must fight one-size-fits-all mandates, vaccine passports, and other restrictions while fiercely resisting overreach from the Biden administration.

Empower Parents and Focus on Students
For our students to succeed in school, parents must be involved. That includes the right to review curriculum and know our kids are on the right path academically. Funding must be focused on the classroom, where it belongs.

Other Issues
Life - Adam is pro-life. For his full position on the issue, click here.
2nd Amendment - Adam has been endorsed by the NRA.